Red Lipstick Agate

I gave this one to my sister, because she loved it so much.
And I love her!

Red Sardonyx Candy

This 30 x 22 mm gorgeous mix of yellow and white stripes of volcanic glass with red agate, polished to a high shine and cuddled in sparkling silver looks good enough to eat. Hold it up to the light and watch the stripes glow.

Chrysanthemum Stone Earrings 2

These chrysanthemum stone earrings are petite, yet still offer a lot of dangle and sparkle.

$15 SOLD!

Snowflake Obsidian Earrings 1

This sexy pair of snowflake obsidian earrings sparkle with every movement.

$15 SOLD!

Unakite Bead Earrings 1

These unakite earrings prominently mixes the green and pink for which the stone is famous. The beads are 8 mm, enhanced with silver beads and wire work. A sexy femnine dangle.

$15 SOLD!

Tim's Fantasy Flower 2

This 30 x 22 pendant of snowflake obsidian does not stay in stock for long! It featurea a small silver flower with a snowflake obsidian center.

$45 SOLD!

Tim's Snowflake Obsidian Pendant 1

This 30 x 33 mm snowflake obsidian has the snowy inclusions for which the stone is named. It is topped with a silver flower with a snowflake obsidian center.